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April 25, 2022 R&B infused pop band SYTË share song ‘Where Did the Love Go’

R&B infused pop band SYTË share song ‘Where Did the Love Go’

Image: Rina Statovici

Fusing pop-perfect hooks with a laid back indie style, SYTË (meaning “eyes” in Albanian) are making their mark in the alt-pop scene. Based in New York, the group has an abundant blend of musical backgrounds, with elements of R&B, pop, indie, metal and Jazz, creating a sound and vibe that transcends genre, geography, age and gender.

The group initially formed when vocalist Nita Kaja was visiting her family’s hometown of Prishtina, Kosovo and met future partner and band mate Drin Tashi. Falling deeply in love with the free-spirited and alternative lifestyle of the city, and being surrounded by a thriving and youthful music scene, Kaja felt inspired to create her own music, forming a duo with Tashi in 2018, before teaming up with drummer Granit Havolli and bassist Fatlind Ferati; evolving into the four-piece band we know today.

The new single “Where Did the Love Go” was written after three long months of isolation. Feeling disconnected from the world and missing out on a European tour due to the pandemic, Kaja penned the lyrics after finally reuniting with a friend, causing a burst of inspiration and the creation of this soulful tune. The sultry-hued vocals are a perfect complement to the funk-driven bassline, twinkling keys and groove-laden percussion, resulting in this vibrant, yet sonically textured track.  Hoping to encourage people to express their seemingly-niche emotions, the band write music about acknowledging and navigating through destructive thoughts and patterns. Wanting to see popular music shift to a more introspective and intentional place, the band expressed, “Documenting these overlooked emotions can help bring humanity together and highlight how much more similar we are to one another than we think”.

Known for their electrifying performances, SYTË have already played a number of well-known festivals including Pop Kultur Festival, Localize Festival and Sunny Hill Festival, where they opened for powerhouses like Dua Lipa, Action Bronson and Martin Garrix. Returning to New York City to work on new music and grow as artists, and with nods from publications such as i-D, Noizz.d and The Line of Best Fit, the band are in for a swell of a season!

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May 6, 2021 Alt-pop singer MOA addresses struggle with bipolar disorder on latest song

Alt-pop singer MOA addresses struggle with bipolar disorder on latest song

Image credit: Alicja Romejko

‘Bad Things’ is an alt-pop anthem depicting the unfolding of a manic episode. With an ominous bass and eclectic drums, the track outlines the exhilarating yet terrifying reality of one of the phases of bipolar disorder. MOA’s characteristic vocals and honest lyrics bring us to the breaking point by illustrating the very core of the sensation, here portrayed as another being pulling her in: ”Now the noise is just too much / it’s digging into my skin and / I’m on the floor / But she wants more”.

MOA’s second single is a truthful insight into the world of mania as well as a fearless statement on an, even now, stigmatized condition. With catchy melodies and strong vocal hooks, ’Bad Things’ transforms multilayered mental health issues into a relatable story of an evening devoured by the urges of the part of you warring against logic and calm: ”When the light’s gone I can’t trust myself / When the sun’s down, become someone else”. 

MOA’s music is an enchanting merge of sickly sweet pop and fearlessly provocative punk. The style and lyrics derive from a life of complex mental struggles, landing her in a world of ecstatic highs and sinister lows. As a result, the self appointed ’Sertraline Queen’ started using her experiences with bipolar disorder to her advantage, and has spent the last year assembling a line of indisputable alt-pop pieces, discussing everything from female empowerment to mental health.With a peculiar mind and a thirst for peril, she is the anti hero the pop world has been waiting for.

Swedish born MOA is based in London, where she has been honing her craft since a young age. She left Sweden for the thrill of the suburban capital of the UK, but brought with her the ferociousness of the Scandinavian winters. 

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