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July 1, 2021 Composer Olovson shares indulgent ambient music video

Composer Olovson shares indulgent ambient music video

Music producer Olovson indulges neo-classical fans and beyond with the feathery and simplistic track ‘Book Are Flying’ via 1136 Diamond. Today, the composer has shared the video for the track and let us just say it’s every minimalist aesthetic lover’s wildest dream. Directed by animator Gabriel Böhmer, the ‘Books Are Flying’ video plays around with black and white, depth perception and basic shapes to create an unreal visual experience for anyone who watches this work of perceptive art and craftsmanship. 

Stream / Download ‘Books Are Flying’

The man behind Olovson is none other than music producer Jacob Olofsson, who forms part of the Grammy award-winning duo Jarami. The Olovson moniker was created as a break from Jacob’s mainstream reputation and we could not be more excited with this debut single. If you cannot get enough of this debut track, do not fret as Olovson is soon to reveal his debut album this October. ‘Books Are Flying’ is something out of the music producer’s depth and it certainly excites him without a doubt. He previously commented on socials: “Been working on some new music lately and thrilled to finally share this project with you all very very soon!

Adapting to a new pace in his music and career, Jacob is sure to pick up traction in the months to come with his solo album release. The Olovson project has already been seen support by the likes of  BBC Radio 6‘s Nemone, who is currently standing in for Shaun Keaveny. We won’t sleep on this minimal track, as we have no doubts there will be more to follow soon and that it will be just as magical. 

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April 30, 2021 Composer Mattia Cupelli does not conform with ambient song ‘MONOLITH’

Composer Mattia Cupelli does not conform with ambient song ‘MONOLITH’

Incorporating ambient quirks into their sound, Mattia Cupelli creates the scene for undiscovered mystical spaces and people. His latest single ‘MONOLITH’ starts off with an ominous tone that lingers, building tension throughout the duration of listening to the track. One might think what could this all mean. There is no foretold story with this song, yet I feel like I have been overcome with emotion that can only be described as inquisitive to what this could mean for this music producer.

Stream/ download: ‘MONOLITH’

We hope that ‘MONOLITH’ ‘s overall arc will come to light with Cupelli’s upcoming album release titled RUINS via MC Records, in July. The producer was born in Rome, Italy which is known for its historic landmarks. Italy is less likely known for its impoverished cities and landscapes that are still in existence. Maybe he could have been inspired by these once desirable destinations and formed an electronic narrative around the feelings of being forgotten? 

Whatever this young producer was inspired by it has got our attention more than we dare to have imagined. Not compromising his ideal sound to fit a specific genre tick off box, Mattia creates worlds that one cannot think of when you feel the pressure to conform.













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April 30, 2021 Ambient composer Matthias Puech announces forthcoming album

Ambient composer Matthias Puech announces forthcoming album

Photo by Nils Maisonneuve

After the exploration of snowy mountains of Alpestres, released on Hands in the Dark in 2018, French composer Matthias Puech ventures into new territories, sketching a cartography of the invisible where the journey, in chiaroscuro, is announced as a rite of passage. A Geography of Absence, as introspective as unpredictable, immerses the listener into a unique sensory whirlwind where organic matter becomes almost palpable. A researcher in theoretical computer science and an engineer at GRM, Matthias Puech constructs a dialog between synthetic music and field recording, capturing sounds that surround him and creating his own sonic language with the help of synthesizers he designs and develops; notably the Oscillator Ensemble and the Tapographic Delay, made by the American company 4ms.

A Geography of Absence retraces an inner journey where the physicality of sound leads the listener into an initiatory tunnel filled with apparitions, ghosts, visions. With sound oscillations as a navigational map, we progress, step by step, through the meanders of an unknown world, dazzled by the prospect of a new synthetic horizon, an electronic biotope teeming with life and incarnations. Playing with time, space and matter in an approach similar to that of musique concrète, Matthias Puech combines ambient and noise, floating sounds and electroacoustic experimentations, thus shaking up our listening perspective, which finds itself walking through a parallel universe, strata after strata, sequence after sequence.

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