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June 18, 2021 Music duo Elephants Everywhere share dance-coma inducing banger

Music duo Elephants Everywhere share dance-coma inducing banger

Image credit: Chester Pink

Music duo Elephants Everywhere are on a mission. That is to make dance-coma inducing bangers that are so hypnotic that it’s hard not to hit the replay button. The duo is based in the always excitingly chaotic city of Los Angeles, which is the perfect place for musicians and acts to be picked up and noticed. Consisting of members John Shekerjian & Sean Bartoshuk, the duo have been signed to the reputable record label and Youtube channel Unique Vibes.

Stream/Download: ‘Numb’

Releasing the single ‘Give Me Love’ recently, the track was written during the lockdown period. Listening to the single we received a small audible beam of joy which is always welcome, more now than ever. The duo’s latest single ‘Numb’ via Unique Vibes focuses more on adrenaline with sporadic basslines that make the heartstrings jump around. Listening to this track one is guaranteed to feel instantly pumped up and ready to seize the day. Be on the lookout for what’s to come from this duo, as they have got big guns Unique Vibes behind their name with over 4 million subscribers on their Youtube channel alone.

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February 12, 2021 Indie singer Ben Duffy & EDM DJ Prince Paris unveil song, ‘Last Chance’

Indie singer Ben Duffy & EDM DJ Prince Paris unveil song, ‘Last Chance’

Image Credit: Victor Le

Since having their sound labeled as “generic” and unimaginative synth-pop by The Guardian back in 2017, Fenech Soler band member Ben Duffy has gained positive feedback with his solo work. His discography includes multiple song collaborations with critically acclaimed house music luminary Claptone back in 2018.

Stream ‘Last Chance ft. Ben Duffy’ on  SpotifyiTunes

Now in 2021, Ben returns to the EDM scene, teaming up with producer Prince Paris on the new indie dance music meets vocal house single ‘Last Chance’. Featuring Ben’s attention-commanding sincere lyrics paired together with Prince Paris’s house fueled hooks, results in a dance track with substance.

Prince Paris is known for his collaborations through the years, exchanging notes and producing electronic harmonies for the likes of Finneas, Karen Harding, and Mako in recent years. Ben Duffy range proves to be the perfect pairing for Prince Paris’s colourful vision. ‘Last Chance’ is a stellar dance track that exudes talent and is anything but unimaginative.

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February 5, 2021 “Happy Hour” whenever you need with Felix Cartal & Kiiara’s dance-pop hit

“Happy Hour” whenever you need with Felix Cartal & Kiiara’s dance-pop hit

     Image Credits: Kiiara by Dennis Leupold; Felix Cartal by Trevor Brady

Spotify’s New Music Friday has always been one of our favourite places to discover the hottest and newest releases. Felix Cartal and Kiiara’s ‘Happy Hour’ is an unstoppable mix of happy vibes and enticing basslines that lead us down a road of mischievous drinking, a little partying and a whole lot of fun.

Stream / Download: Felix Cartal & Kiiara ‘Happy Hour’ 

A self-described “loser-anthem” (in Felix Cartal’s own words), the single will leave all who hear it longing for a beach, a half-price cocktail and the simplicity of a summer break. The single is the first original piece of work that the two have released together however, the pair have been in contact for years – since Felix Cartal remixed Kiiara’s ‘Feels’ (which was also remixed by Jai Wolf and AWAY)

Kiiara has established a firm social media presence, with just under 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, nearly a million followers on Facebook and over 350k followers on Instagram. She’s collected over 2 billion streams across platforms, with features hit singles from David Guetta, Linkin Park, and Cheat Codes to boost that number. However, her own work is quickly allowing her to take over the airwave. Check out the single with the dynamic duo below.

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October 9, 2020 Marcus James and RYYZN prove their musical worth with next single

Marcus James and RYYZN prove their musical worth with next single

It’s release day for Marcus James and RYYZN as they share their latest single, ‘Night Light’. The single is taken from their upcoming collaborative EP (which will be available early next year) and provides a small preview of what fans can expect.

Marcus James tells us about the single and EP: “Night Light is about trying to put on a brave face to the world when things aren’t going well. One of the hardest things is to be vulnerable and ask for help, and sometimes when you don’t want to talk about it, you just want to be around the person that makes you feel like it’s okay to feel this way. As the first single off our upcoming collaborative EP, the lyric video for Night Light really captures how RYYZN and I basically became family over the past year as we worked on these songs. After everything we’ve been through together, the RYYZN guys and I will always be there to support each other and we have this music to thank for that.”

This is not the first time Marcus James has collaborated with RYYZN as they previously released the single, ‘Honest’ earlier this year. The single was featured on Dave Rave, who had the following to say: “Marcus James uses the issue of time differences and space as a barrier between a relationship, but truthfully it boils down to the emotional distance between the two lovers.” Read the full feature here.

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