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April 25, 2022 Multi-Instrumentalist Calcou provides vibrant new song

Multi-Instrumentalist Calcou provides vibrant new song

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From a static bliss emerges Calcou with his latest single, ‘Below’ released just last week via MFRD+C. The single pairs jazzy influences with ethereal voices but the unmistakable uplifting tone is what consistently carries it all. The single follows the release of both ‘Above’ and ‘Beyond’, paving the way for Calcou’s upcoming EP, Places which will be released mid-May, just in time for the summer months to roll around in the Northern Hemisphere.

Stream /Download: ‘Below’

‘Below’ reflects Calcou’s background as a professional jazz pianist while still incorporating rolling house beats that leave space for the imagination to stretch its legs. If you have a moment, we’d encourage you to take a quick gander at his Instagram page which contains some carefully selected images to present the musician’s artistic style in a new dimension. Whether it be audio or visual, Calcou seems like one to keep an eye on for his creative works. 

Below’ features on

The producer tells us about his latest single: “This time I tried to explore space – musically, but also in a broader sense as a feeling of restriction. By leaving certain musical decisions to algorithms, I tried to overcome these restrictions with playfulness and randomness, acknowledging the fact that control seems like an illusion now more than ever. The drums in ‘Below’ circle around a field recording I took when I was walking along the stony beach of Fécamp in Northern France. The vocal elements are from my friend Julian Muller, a singer-songwriter based in the Bay Area in California. Most of the musical elements in ‘Below’ are samples of my own recordings. When things get wobbly and detuned, scattered by slicing or granular synthesis, I get this feeling of innovation and discovery, something nobody else will be able to recreate, even myself, except for that one little lucky moment in time and space.”

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March 18, 2022 Music producer Liminka shares comforting downtempo song

Music producer Liminka shares comforting downtempo song

Have you ever felt like the week has drained the life out of you and all you want to do is curl up under the bedsheets, and hit the reset button? Liminka’s latest chilled out track ‘Where are you now’ is certainly the type of soundtrack that would be ideal for resetting your mind after taking much strain. 

Stream/ download: ‘Where Are You Now’

Previously featured on Chill Music, the blog mentioned: “ Lo-fi rhythm patterns and acoustics collide with a downtempo base on this latest gem. Although the motivation behind this track is somewhat heartwrenching, one can also admire its sophistication and beauty.”

The producer has admitted the inspiration behind his new single came from a darker mental space where he struggled to see a light at the end of the tunnel. You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t know the background behind the song, but we are so thankful that the producer created and shared this work of art with us to absorb with its lush downtempo tone that swirls around lo-fi embellishments. Listening to this track, one can definitely escape with its comforting embrace.

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October 15, 2021 Duo rocomoco and music producer Devon Rea share peaceful lo-fi song

Duo rocomoco and music producer Devon Rea share peaceful lo-fi song

Ahead of their debut LP Into The Blue, up-and-coming lo-fi duo rocomoco have shared another mesmerizing track ‘Djeep’ with producer Devon Rea. Released via  Aviary Day on Aviary Bridge Records Ltd, this track is set to feature on the anticipated album release. Both well-versed in the lo-fi genre, the duo and Devon Rea make a compatible trio. On this seamless track, one feels like they are listening to a never-ending stream of water flow – simple and peaceful.

‘Djeep (with Devon Rea)’ on SpotifyiTunes

In an interview with Chill Music, the duo described their sound: “We love chilled vibes and dusty beats. We want people to sit back and relax while listening. But we also love telling stories or capturing personal moments and atmospheres with our music. Listeners are invited to find the meaning of the stories behind the songs on our social media and on our YouTube channel.”

To date, the remarkable pair rocomoco have accumulated a collective play count of over 11 million across music streaming platforms. Devon Rae has also received their fair share of the spotlight, featuring on popular playlists on Spotify like lofi beats and Jazz Vibes

Into The Blue LP Tracklisting

1. Into The Blue

2. Grooveshop (with Hoffy Beats)

3. Aurola (with Bastido)

4. Djeep (with Devon Rea)

5. Warm Flicker 

6. Sparkling From A Distance

7. Lay Back (with The Hidden and Harry Hawaii)

8. Years

9. Some More Luck (with Tabi)

10. Clouds

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September 30, 2020 Indie pop music producer Sfven releases new EP, Honey

Indie pop music producer Sfven releases new EP, Honey

Jamie Clarke, AKA Sfven, is a 22 year old music producer from Derby who has already been receiving notable support early on in his career. His lo-fi debut EP ‘Like I Love U,’ which was released earlier this year, quickly caught the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and the station’s new music champion Jack Saunders. He has also received support from the likes of BBC Introducing, MTV, DIY Magazine, Clash, Dork, Notion and The Independent.

The second EP from Sfven, ‘The Honey EP’ is the producer’s most cohesive statement yet. Sonically, it draws heavily on the very same classic songwriters that Sfven remembers from his childhood, clashing timeless melody progressions and emotion-packed lyrics with breezy, forward thinking production. 

“I just wanted to make something that you can boogie to, but also focus on lyrically.” says Sfven. “I think my favourite part has just been experimenting with new sounds, figuring out a direction and whether it sticks. This EP turned out feeling a lot more cohesive than the last one, even though I went a bit out of my comfort zone. Hopefully that comes through.” 

Sfven’s recent single ‘Changing,’ which features on The Honey EP, received solid playlist support across DSPS including Spotify ‘NMF UK,’ ‘Peach,’ Apple Music ‘New Music Daily [x20 countries],’ Deezer ‘Brand New UK’ and Amazon ‘Brand New Music and ‘Breakthrough UK.’ The official music video was also added to MTV’s Rocks Chart playlist. 

Honey EP also includes previously released single ‘Saint’ as well as the upcoming focus track ‘Honey.’ Standing firm and holding on to who you really are is a recurring theme on ‘Honey.’ The official music video, which is set in Norfolk, follows a unique and romantic storyline of two sock puppets who fall in love at first sight and get married.   

Also featured on the EP is the track ‘Funeral’ which became a metaphor for losing a part of your identity. “It became about having a funeral for a part of yourself” Sfven explains, “and having a partner that makes you change – and almost kill a part of yourself – to fit their mould and expectations” 

Hotly tipped by the likes of Dork and MTV, backed by Annie Mac and Jack Saunders, and currently hard at work on his debut album set for release next year, Sfven is a one-of-a-kind artist set to make some massive waves in the forthcoming future. 

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