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January 16, 2023 Musician JAY ME LLAMAN becomes a love doctor in new song

Musician JAY ME LLAMAN becomes a love doctor in new song

Image credit: JAY ME LLAMAN

‘CAN’T BUY ME LOVE’ is the debut single from JAY ME LLAMAN, which serves as the first preview of what will be his first album. A single with two tracks inspired by famous pop and r&b artists like Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake.

Its A-side, «CAN’T BUY ME LOVE», is a very danceable r&b song with which you can shake out everything that makes you sick. A very careful production through the use of virtual instruments and samples that accompany the versatile and elegant voice of the promising artist from Badajoz.

Its B side, «ALL I NEED», is a somewhat more relaxing and chill song, inspired by the sweetness and delicacy of India Shawn and with clear nuances of lofi and neosoul.

Born in Badajoz, JAY ME LLAMAN is a pop/r&b artist with a long history in the music industry. After introductory training in guitar and piano, he began to compose and perform his music in 2012. In recent years, he has also remained very active on the concert circuit in Madrid and Extremadura, DJing at various LGTBIQ+ friendly parties in Madrid and appearing in various contests on the national music scene such as LaRemovida from RTVE.

He is currently presenting the first previews of his debut album, «AT LEAST I TRIED», a 13-track conceptual work that explores the different stages of a relationship, from its beginning to its end.

His first single has been available since December 15th on all digital platforms:

Stream/ download: CAN’T BUY ME LOVE  



January 12, 2023 Singer Max Jury invokes pleasures with new song ‘Feel Free’

Singer Max Jury invokes pleasures with new song ‘Feel Free’

Image Credit: Yasmin Cowan

MAX IS BACK!  The most-recently-talked-about, American singer/songwriter and Iowa native Max Jury today announces his brand new third studio album Avenues – out March 31st.

The news follows the release of his infectious single Is This Love? – a duet with rising British star, Delilah Montagu – produced by London Grammar’s Dan Rothman. The track was warmly received by the UK Press: “The two voices intertwine like whiskey and ice, with the pair steering their music in a warming, organic, acoustic vibe” – Clash. I declared it “a folk earworm that gets better with every listen”, and The Star described the track as a “fab duet”.

Today also sees the release of a second track, the Nick Drake-esque – Feel Free. “This is a song about the creative process and all the peaks and valleys that come along with it. It’s dedicated to the people and places that have helped and inspired me along the way. “ 

Listen here.

Max has been travelling without moving, exploring without leaving, and getting ahead without getting out. And now, with his glorious third album, he’s taking us all with him, on a country-soul odyssey into the canyons of his mind. The American singer-songwriter is taking us down Avenues.

In the first year of the pandemic, Max bunkered down in North Carolina. He worked out of a studio run by an old friend next to his old friend’s parents’ house. True to form, Max started travelling once more. Destination… once again, London. Connecting with another new collaborator, Dan Rothman of London Grammar – they met after sharing mutual appreciation on Instagram – he realised he had even more songs ready to be fleshed out. Even more, journeys to share. Working too, with Jimmy Hogarth, the Grammy-winning, London and Dorset-based writer/producer (Amy Winehouse, Suzanne Vega, Paolo Nutini), Max sought to colour the vision he and Harden had sketched in North Carolina.

Peace of Mind’, is a tripped-out blast of folk-rock freakery: written with his partner in North Carolina, scuzzed up in the studio in London with Rothman. ‘Is This Love?’ and ‘Happiness To Myself’ is further products of the UK sessions.  Equally, other songs on the album were left as they were when he recorded them in North Carolina, notably ‘Is There A Light?’ – a symphonic wonder that starts off quite hymnal, and ends up like The Zombies.

 “Avenues is the album I’ve always wanted to make.” Max explains. “It’s the closest I’ve come to being my true self as an artist, and it re-inspired me to keep pursuing this whole music thing. It’s about self-reflection and discovery, it’s about rebirth, and it’s about not giving up on a dream. But most importantly it’s about being present for the journey.

 Max Jury is a footloose songwriter, a troubadour in the classic sense. Someone who’s always followed the music. Ahead of his self-titled 2016 debut Max Jury, Max set off for London, which marked the start of his unique musical journey.  The debut album went on to receive great critical acclaim, with the first single Numb connecting with new fans alike across the UK, France and America, garnering more than 40 million global streams to date. 

For his second album, 2019’s Modern World, Max decamped to Los Angeles to work with award-winning producer, Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, Little Dragon).  However, the Covid 19 pandemic descended soon after the album’s release, bringing the campaign to a halt before it had a chance to get started.

Max returns to London early in 2023 for a residency at The Slaughtered Lamb with a hat trick of special headline shows and a few surprises.

Tickets are on sale HERE.

Settle down and lean into the yearning, restless, reassuring and wholly wonderful sounds of the first tastes of his third album, from a musician who’s still roaming far by digging deep. It just might be the best trip you take this year.

Avenues tracklisting:

Real World

Is This Love? (ft. Delilah Montagu)

Peace Of Mind


Happiness To Myself

Feel Free

Love Too Fast

Is There A Light?

Not Over You

All Along The Way

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April 19, 2022 Singer Sabrina Monique shares high-spirited studio music video

Singer Sabrina Monique shares high-spirited studio music video

                        Image credit: Elliott Lopes

Relationships are complex enough, and Sabrina Monique wants to let go of unnecessary baggage in her latest song ‘More Than A Friend’. The track, released via United Word Records, has now also been complemented with an energetic music video featuring the songstress as she does what she loves, and that is working in the studio and having a lovely time while doing so.

Stream /Download: ‘More Than A Friend’

In an interview with Muze FM, Sabrina Monique mentioned: “No one’s path is linear and everybody’s will look different. The worst thing you could do is get down on yourself while you’re trying to forge your own. If something is difficult or feels impossible I can assure you it is most likely worth it, so keep going. The grass is always green where you water it.”

Wise words indeed from the singer, she engages with her fans by sharing personal and relatable experiences in her music. Sabrina Monique is an honest pop goddess that is definitely on the right path. Watching this latest video of the singer, one can easily absorb her bubbly and magnetic energy.

Follow Sabrina Monique:


October 22, 2021 Singer & advocate for mental health, Eva Westphal shares new anthem

Singer & advocate for mental health, Eva Westphal shares new anthem

Singer-songwriter Eva Westphal has released the heartwarming song ‘Things Don’t Fit’. Writing music from the young age of thirteen, the singer endured much strain, battling with an eating disorder growing up. Now at the age of twenty-one, Eva has risen victoriously with an uplifting anthem for all of us we never feel satisfied with our appearance and think there is only one definition of beauty. An advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and mental health, the singer has been involved in important organizations such as It Gets Better, Phluid Project, and Project HEAL

With a rapidly climbing following on TikTok, the singer continues to spread messages of positivity and healing to all her followers. She shared a video via the platform on Wednesday, performing the song  with hashtags like #selflove and #recovery. Definitely a woman on a mission, Eva hopes that this song will help many who battle with mental health and self-image. ‘Things Don’t Fit’ is definitely a feel good acoustic pop anthem for a mellow night in or  a drive with friends.

Follow Eva Westphal:

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