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April 19, 2022 Singer Sabrina Monique shares high-spirited studio music video

Singer Sabrina Monique shares high-spirited studio music video

                        Image credit: Elliott Lopes

Relationships are complex enough, and Sabrina Monique wants to let go of unnecessary baggage in her latest song ‘More Than A Friend’. The track, released via United Word Records, has now also been complemented with an energetic music video featuring the songstress as she does what she loves, and that is working in the studio and having a lovely time while doing so.

Stream /Download: ‘More Than A Friend’

In an interview with Muze FM, Sabrina Monique mentioned: “No one’s path is linear and everybody’s will look different. The worst thing you could do is get down on yourself while you’re trying to forge your own. If something is difficult or feels impossible I can assure you it is most likely worth it, so keep going. The grass is always green where you water it.”

Wise words indeed from the singer, she engages with her fans by sharing personal and relatable experiences in her music. Sabrina Monique is an honest pop goddess that is definitely on the right path. Watching this latest video of the singer, one can easily absorb her bubbly and magnetic energy.

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October 22, 2021 Singer & advocate for mental health, Eva Westphal shares new anthem

Singer & advocate for mental health, Eva Westphal shares new anthem

Singer-songwriter Eva Westphal has released the heartwarming song ‘Things Don’t Fit’. Writing music from the young age of thirteen, the singer endured much strain, battling with an eating disorder growing up. Now at the age of twenty-one, Eva has risen victoriously with an uplifting anthem for all of us we never feel satisfied with our appearance and think there is only one definition of beauty. An advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and mental health, the singer has been involved in important organizations such as It Gets Better, Phluid Project, and Project HEAL

With a rapidly climbing following on TikTok, the singer continues to spread messages of positivity and healing to all her followers. She shared a video via the platform on Wednesday, performing the song  with hashtags like #selflove and #recovery. Definitely a woman on a mission, Eva hopes that this song will help many who battle with mental health and self-image. ‘Things Don’t Fit’ is definitely a feel good acoustic pop anthem for a mellow night in or  a drive with friends.

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October 12, 2021 Josephine Philip pays homage to great female vocalists in ‘The Clue’

Josephine Philip pays homage to great female vocalists in ‘The Clue’

   Image credit: Fryd Frydendahl

Josephine Philip has just released her stunning new single ‘The Clue.’ Centred around the acceptance of impossible love, the track is reminiscent of the sounds of Nina Simone or Nancy Sinatra.

Stream / Download ‘The Clue’

Having worked with renowned producers including Christian Löffler and Trentemøller, Philip’s versatility as an artist is highlighted by ‘The Clue’, which saw it’s release via Midnight Confessions.

A simple, back to basics track, this pretty, vintage-style song is a pleasant ode to some of our great female vocalists. Speaking of the track Philip explains: “‘The Clue’ is a contemporary love song. It revolves around impossible love and the acceptance of it. The track is also an homage to Nina Simone’s version of Billie Holiday’s song Don’t Explain. Don’t Explain was written by Holliday in response to one of her husband’s affairs. When he tried to explain away why lipstick was on his collar, Simone responded disgustingly “Take a bath, man; don’t explain”.” The Clue is an inspirational tribute to the great women, their sound, storytelling and courage, who took to the microphone and stage before me.”

The Clue’ features on the Spotify playlist

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May 6, 2021 Alt-pop singer MOA addresses struggle with bipolar disorder on latest song

Alt-pop singer MOA addresses struggle with bipolar disorder on latest song

Image credit: Alicja Romejko

‘Bad Things’ is an alt-pop anthem depicting the unfolding of a manic episode. With an ominous bass and eclectic drums, the track outlines the exhilarating yet terrifying reality of one of the phases of bipolar disorder. MOA’s characteristic vocals and honest lyrics bring us to the breaking point by illustrating the very core of the sensation, here portrayed as another being pulling her in: ”Now the noise is just too much / it’s digging into my skin and / I’m on the floor / But she wants more”.

MOA’s second single is a truthful insight into the world of mania as well as a fearless statement on an, even now, stigmatized condition. With catchy melodies and strong vocal hooks, ’Bad Things’ transforms multilayered mental health issues into a relatable story of an evening devoured by the urges of the part of you warring against logic and calm: ”When the light’s gone I can’t trust myself / When the sun’s down, become someone else”. 

MOA’s music is an enchanting merge of sickly sweet pop and fearlessly provocative punk. The style and lyrics derive from a life of complex mental struggles, landing her in a world of ecstatic highs and sinister lows. As a result, the self appointed ’Sertraline Queen’ started using her experiences with bipolar disorder to her advantage, and has spent the last year assembling a line of indisputable alt-pop pieces, discussing everything from female empowerment to mental health.With a peculiar mind and a thirst for peril, she is the anti hero the pop world has been waiting for.

Swedish born MOA is based in London, where she has been honing her craft since a young age. She left Sweden for the thrill of the suburban capital of the UK, but brought with her the ferociousness of the Scandinavian winters. 

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