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November 3, 2021 Waveshaper shares striking video for ‘The Phantom Machine (Film Edit)’

Waveshaper shares striking video for ‘The Phantom Machine (Film Edit)’

Waveshaper has shared the video for ‘The Phantom Machine (Film Edit)’ The track is an extended version for the upcoming short film The Phantom Machine directed by Jendo Shabo, of Helios Films, while the original track is lifted from his album Mainframe – released earlier this year and comprised of 8 spellbinding synthwave offerings.

‘The Phantom Machine (Film Edit)’ is well suited to a science fiction horror story soundtrack, and renders its own story through its undulating instrumentals and accelerating tempo. 

The video is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a brave traveller meets the malicious Phantom Machine in a video-game-like battle, complete with striking futuristic visuals.

A comment on the Youtube video by Dave M. sums it up perfectly:  “This is what all of us secretly imagine when listening to retrowave.”

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September 3, 2021 Synthwave composer Waveshaper soars to new horizons with latest song

Synthwave composer Waveshaper soars to new horizons with latest song

  Image credit: Joakim Reimer

Entering orchestral territory with his latest single ‘Lost In The Cloud’, Waveshaper lifts us to new horizons. This track will feature on his upcoming album release Mainframe, which is set for official release on the 17th of September via Waveshaper Music Production. The synthwave producer has been creating melodious electronic tracks for almost a decade now, sharing the stage with the prolific music producer Com Truise. Along with this success, he has featured in the noteworthy documentary The Rise of the Synths.

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In an in-depth interview with Synthian, the producer commented on the intentions of the forthcoming album: “From the beginning, I wasn´t actually targeting an album release. It started out as an EP but I hit a creative button so I decided to grab on to that inspiration and completed an album.” After reading Waveshaper’s response, we can tell that this producer lets the creativity flow freely. 

‘Lost In The Cloud’ on SpotifyiTunes

Unlike the first taster for the album ‘Friends Again’, ‘Lost In The Cloud’ sways towards darker notes and spaces. The track features much lower down the album tracklist and could mean that this album is going to follow a linear storyline of re-connection, hope and despair. We will find out what the rest all means when the album is unveiled to the public in the coming weeks. 

Lost In The Cloud’ featured on the Spotify playlist WAVE_GRØUND

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August 17, 2021 REVIEW: Synthwave connoisseur Michael Oakley shares epic album

REVIEW: Synthwave connoisseur Michael Oakley shares epic album

 Image credit: Jon Simo

Looking for an album that is a pleasant listening experience, regardless of the time of the year? Michael Oakley’s latest album Odyssey via NewRetroWave is a perfect pairing for times like these when you need to hear something hopeful but not heavily reliant on one element to make an impact. Listening to Michael Oakley’s album, one can feel the undercurrent of adventure run through this entire body of work, with upbeat yet changeable instrumentation throughout. Expect laidback anthemic drum sequences and saxophone solos that will melt in one’s ear.

Stream / Download Odyssey LP

The album starts off with the title track ‘Odyssey’ which leads us to think that we are getting a mellow synthwave album from the get-go, but the final seconds on the track proves this album carries an array of emotions when drums start to pound in the last moments. Then the noteworthy ‘Wake Up!’ leaves us feeling pumped up with the idea of planning our next epic road trip with treasured folk. We think it can only go up from here, but then ‘Is There Anybody Out There (Jon Campbell edit)’ which has us questioning the darkest parts that exist in ourselves. Thankfully, ‘Babylon’ calms the cries of its predecessor. The rest of the album talks about finding stability like ‘Glasgow Song’ and ‘Real Life’ – an emotionally complex album without a doubt. 

‘Babylon’ stands out as a soothing track, that describes the enigmatic feeling of finding a home in connection rather than a building. ‘Babylon’ is a sleek track with undercurrents of chemistry thanks to its minimal progressions laced with ethereal synthesizers. The sensual and vibrant saxophone added into the mix makes this track one of Michael Oakley’s most sparkling tracks on this album.

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April 24, 2020 Manchester music producer DEADLIFE releases new synthwave album

Manchester music producer DEADLIFE releases new synthwave album

Machester-based music producer DEADLIFE has officially released his latest album, City of Eternal Rain via NRW Records. He has been supported by influential wave Youtube channel called NewRetroWave in recent months, which led to his stream count rising to over 3.2 million plays on major streaming platforms. His debut album Bionic Chrysalis was voted as  Best Synthwave Album 2017 by publication MetalSucks, and also received commercial success on US Billboards’ Electronic Album sales top 20 chart, along with his 2019 album Singularity.

Growing up in the shabby Crewe area in the UK, DEADLIFE would spend a lot of time indoors playing video games. The music producer was a drummer in a band before pursuing his solo career in electronic music production. After several tours, he realized that he felt held back creatively.  DEADLIFE always had a vivid imagination and a more sensitive demeanor. He would use these qualities to produce music of his own liking. The music producer is inspired by the emotional qualities of video game soundtracks with his music. He has also cited influences from artists like Disasterpeace, Justice, deadmau5, Sigur Ros, Refused and Deftones.

Speaking of his album DEADLIFE adds, “City of Eternal Rain is a concept album that is inspired by the direct contrast between dark and light. That no matter how bad things get, there is always hope. The record is, like many of them, created to feel like you’ve heard it before, but you don’t remember it, to instill nostalgia in your mind and remind you of a time your memory grasps at but can’t quite recall. I’ve realised in life it takes more bravery and courage to be who you are and bare all, rather than to hide it away, which we often do, which I did in my younger years. It’s time to be honest, to directly reflect that which I feel within what I write.”


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