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September 27, 2023 Tristan de Liege and Jambal create musical alchemy on ‘Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment’.

Tristan de Liege and Jambal create musical alchemy on ‘Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment’.

Established electronic/downtempo producer Tristan De Liège has teamed up with up and coming alternative jazz quartet Jambal on their new album Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment, released on the 15th September 2023. The album showcases the focus track, ‘The Great Wave,’ along with their previously released singles, ‘Uncertainties‘ and ‘Collisions Of Light.’ These earlier releases earned recognition on Spotify Editorial Playlist State Of Jazz, as well as acclaim from CLASH Magazine and airplay on UK National radio station Jazz FM, hosted by John Osborne. Additionally, ‘The Great Wave,’ serving as the album’s focus track, has already received early praise from EARMILK.

Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment is a bewitching meeting point for these artists – it is a delicate nu jazz odyssey that combines the modern electronic elements of downtempo with the timeless, improvisatory feel of jazz. The instrumentation is understated but undoubtedly sophisticated – you can tell that every musician involved really knows what they are doing. The band moves between quiet, slow motifs and busy crescendos with ease. The rhythm section steers the music with complicated but engaging meters, tastefully pulling back at times to let the melodies and harmonies shine through. Its masterful, moving and deeply intricate at all times.

This collaboration is very special to us, for many reasons,” the artists commented. “It is Tristan’s first foray into making a jazz album with a band, and it is Jambal’s first full-length album. Jambal’s European jazz aesthetics meeting Tristan’s inspirations from living in Los Angeles and collaborating with electronic and jazz players there resulted in a beautiful and interesting synergy that was surprising and fruitful – leading to a unique set of tracks that neither would have made on their own. The pieces also have a wide range of emotional expression and narrative, showcasing the full range of both Tristan’s composing approach and Jambal’s performance and interpretation”.

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September 4, 2023 Tristan De Liège and Jambal shine on scintillating single ‘Collisions of Light’

Tristan De Liège and Jambal shine on scintillating single ‘Collisions of Light’

LA-based downtempo wizard Tristan De Liège has teamed up with the talented jazz quartet Jambal for their new single, ‘Collisions of Light’, released on the 1st of September. The second release from their forthcoming album Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment, ‘Collisions of Light’ has already received support from CLASH magazine, with their previous collaboration ‘Uncertainties’ featuring in the State Of Jazz Spotify editorial playlist. The collaborators have also received support from the UK National radio station Jazz FM with John Osborne

With early support from CLASH magazine, ‘Collisions of Light’ is an enigmatic fusion of downtempo and jazz. Featuring melancholic strings and sporadic scaling keys that flutter in and out of the track, there’s an intricate jazz rhythm and bass anchoring the beat. A brooding trumpet sits beautifully in the mix, as it creeps along, only revealing its true motif towards the end of the song where it bursts forth in an emotional yet subtle crescendo. Thematically, it doesnt give away too much, leaving it up to the listener to work out what messages are being conveyed through the instrumentals. It’s a relaxing track, one that oozes serenity and musicality, evoking images of Kinobe and Air.

The artists had this to say: “Collisions of Light is probably one of our personal favourites from the album. It’s based on a string sample that is looped through nearly the whole track, which we overdubbed and complemented with a newly composed string arrangement. The tune develops into a quite dramatic climax and despite its simplicity and slow tempo, it achieves great emotional momentum.

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October 28, 2022 KARMACODA release brand new song ‘Time Flies’ and LP Lessons In Time

KARMACODA release brand new song ‘Time Flies’ and LP Lessons In Time

 Image credit: Bill Shupp

Fearless and profound band KARMACODA shared a new LP Lessons In Time and the song ‘Time Flies’, both via  Sola Musa Music on the 28th of October. The San Fransisco, USA-based band has consistently mesmerised their fans with their universal sound that is likened to the music of the likes of  Paloma Faith, and Adele among others. 

Stream / Download:  KARMACODA – Lessons In Time LP

The new LP  Lessons In Time is a careful mixture of reinvigorating vocals and satisfying downtempo. The 13-track LP takes listeners on a musical feast: for example, ‘Lovely’, the first track, is a euphoric downtempo song that attains the bliss point with its layback piano notes followed by leisured drums beats, and the second track ‘Fly By’ is a beautiful R&B song that is accentuated by the crash and ride cymbal and the hi-Hats, producing a sound that is light and sophisticated. The tenth track, ‘beyond the pale’, contains a special blend of jazz saxophones and melancholic vocals resulting in a ballad that explodes with emotions.  

The dynamic band KARMACODA tell us about the songwriting philosophy adopted for this LP:  “The songs on Lessons In Time were written from reflecting on my life, looking back in time, reliving my best memories. No regrets. These songs are lessons in time. I decided it was time to tell it, not all of it, but some of the more memorable moments while resting in where I am today”.



March 18, 2022 Music producer Liminka shares comforting downtempo song

Music producer Liminka shares comforting downtempo song

Have you ever felt like the week has drained the life out of you and all you want to do is curl up under the bedsheets, and hit the reset button? Liminka’s latest chilled out track ‘Where are you now’ is certainly the type of soundtrack that would be ideal for resetting your mind after taking much strain. 

Stream/ download: ‘Where Are You Now’

Previously featured on Chill Music, the blog mentioned: “ Lo-fi rhythm patterns and acoustics collide with a downtempo base on this latest gem. Although the motivation behind this track is somewhat heartwrenching, one can also admire its sophistication and beauty.”

The producer has admitted the inspiration behind his new single came from a darker mental space where he struggled to see a light at the end of the tunnel. You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t know the background behind the song, but we are so thankful that the producer created and shared this work of art with us to absorb with its lush downtempo tone that swirls around lo-fi embellishments. Listening to this track, one can definitely escape with its comforting embrace.

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